ICEI: Internet Civil Engineering Institute

ICEI's mission is to support the development and stewardship of reliable, secure, and open source internet infrastructure software.

We do this by providing resources and expertise to infrastructure projects in need, and by supporting the tools and workforce relied upon by those projects.

Historically, critical problems in the architecture and implementation of the whole internet have been tackled by ad-hoc groups of volunteers from within its engineering cadre. While these volunteers often brought great skill and dedication to bear, they have also tended to be chronically under-resourced and subject to distraction and burnout. At today's scale of internet deployment this approach is no longer sustainable; indeed, it exposes increasingly internet-dependent economies to risks that could be catastrophic.

ICEI's founders are internet veterans, and its staff a combination of veterans and the "new guard" who are building the next generation of the internet. We helped design and implement the net as it is today, and are moving it forward to meet new demands: more traffic, more security, more availability...all while protecting the free-range nature of the internet, keeping it accessible to all. We have seen the high costs of distraction and burnout among the internet's cadre all too many times - projects unfinished, serious problems unsolved, too many opportunities missed. When the internet was merely a laboratory toy, this sort of waste of potential was sad but of no great consequence. Today it is a hidden harm inflicted on the whole world. Tomorrow, every opportunity missed could be the slip that allows a global communications disaster to happen.

We have the skills and the experience to head off problems and make the internet better. We need you to help fund our ongoing efforts in information security, infrastructure software development, and network research and development.