Internet Civil Engineering Institute

ICEI's mission is to support the development and stewardship of reliable, secure, and open source internet infrastructure software.

When you pay your ISP bill, you pay for the lines that run to your home or business. You pay for the power and the routing equipment, for the people and the service they provide. However, you aren't paying for the software underlying the internet's critical functions. This software is decades out of date, barely limping along, with developers fighting burnout and lacking resources, but those are the best cases. Even in these best cases, it is nearly impossible to onboard help for these developers, because the out-of-date software is not in a condition that modern tools and developers can operate on. ICEI is doing the work to bring this software into the present, and preparing it for the future, by providing developer resources and expertise to triage problems, get toolchains brought up to modern standards, and train the next generation of infrastructure software maintainers.

Some crucial internet software projects are nearly or actually abandoned, due to lack of development resources, expertise, and stable organization. While the wider tech community wrings their hands about vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock, and so on, ICEI is looking at the underlying systemic causes: lack of support, professional development, and manpower for the maintenance of critical infrastructure software.

ICEI addresses the problem of brittle, insecure, and ill-maintained infrastructure software by providing resources and expertise to infrastructure software projects in need, and by supporting the tools and workforce needed to develop and maintain this essential software. You can help!

Special Thanks to Organizations That Provide Us With Ongoing Support

Thiel Foundation The Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University