Getting Help

Are you responsible for, or taking responsibility for, a piece of open source infrastructure software?

ICEI has experts in project management, software engineering, information security, and more--all with deep roots in the open source software community--dedicated to making the infrastructure software we all depend on safer and easier to maintain. Each project we engage with is different, and has different needs, but some of the things we most often help projects with are:

  • Migration from legacy SCM to a modern one such as git or Mercurial.
  • Migration from an old or brittle build system to a modern, well-maintained one.
  • Other toolchain improvements to make software easier to maintain.
  • Revamping documentation to enable onboarding new developers.
  • Building a mentorship pipeline to grow the development team.
  • Software refactors and architectural reviews.
  • Help with specific security needs.
  • Help figuring out the software's current security posture and next steps.
  • Help with long-term resourcing issues.

Whether or not your needs are on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to make a stronger, more sustainable internet. Reach out via email or join our community IRC channel, #icei on