Helping Out

The internet touches us in countless ways. It gives us a powerful means to create new jobs. It means not having to leave home or work to bank, shop, and access government services. It helps even the smallest voice get their ideas out there. It makes it possible to connect with friends and family from afar. It means learning, no matter how much money you have or where you live. It means making cool things, sometimes with teams spread around the world. It will create and enable things that no one has yet anticipated.

There are just as many ways to help save and grow it.

Whether your skills lie in programming, in information security, in systems administration, in technical writing, in project management, or something else entirely, we need you. Perhaps you are interested in learning: we will find you the mentorship you need. Email us, or find us on IRC in #icei on to find out where and how to get to work saving the internet.

For those who aren't able to participate hands-on, you can still make a difference! We need donations to keep our staff fed, our servers up, and resources flowing to serve ICEI's mission. Every Dollar, Euro, Yen, and Spacebuck helps!