ICEI relies on voluntary donations. Gifts to ICEI are currently not tax-deductible. We hope to have a response to our 501(c)3 application soon so that we can take tax-deductible donations at that time. Please bear with us! We will update this page when we have received it.


Where does your gift go?

ICEI strives for the greatest transparency possible. You can watch us work, live, in our public IRC channel, #icei on, or join our discussion list to keep up with the latest happenings and join in the conversation. You can also email for information on specific projects and activities. Donations of any size help. How much is the internet worth to you?

Donor Relations and Ongoing Support:

To get more information about donating, or if you are interested in providing ongoing support, please contact

Many Thanks to ICEI's Institutional Supporters:

Thiel Foundation Logo

Thiel Foundation

Thiel Foundation's generous 2017 grant allowed ICEI to step up our operations and take on our first paid staff.


IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

ICEI's partnership with IU-CACR has given the organizations an opportunity to share resources and knowledge in software infrastructure and cybersecurity.