The Organization - **NEEDS CLEANUP**

ICEI has incorporated as a 501(c)3 with a Governing Board, a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary/Treasurer. You can read our legal formation documents and our bylaws.

Our Principles

The Institute is a organization for public service, dedicated to the public good.

The Institute believes in open source, open processes, and open access.

The Institute will welcome cooperation from any who have the ability and the desire to join in its work, regardless of gender or race or creed or sexual orientation or national origin or any other such irrelevant detail.

Public accountability

Public-service organizations should be accountable to the public they serve; ICEI is no exception. We are still working on the design of our communications channels - watch this space.

Principals of ICEI can often be reached in real time on the ICEI IRC channel.

Peer Organizations

We expect that the ICEI will cooperate closely with (and share membership with) the Internet Society, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Open Source Initiative, the Internet Systems Consortium, the Free Standards Group, the Linux Foundation, the World Wide Web Consortium,, and other organizations dedicated to standards, infrastructure and open source. The ICEI's founders are veterans of these organizations and indeed past founder/principals of some of them.

ICEI is differentiated from these organizations by what it intends not to do. We are not an advocacy or policy shop; that job belong to ISOC. We are not a standards organization; that job belongs to the IETF, W3C, and FSG. We're about getting the right resources to the right people and getting the implementation done.