The People

We can't list every ICEI volunteer, but check back to see a few top volunteers each quarter.

Special Advisor to the Board

Mark Atwood

Mark is a Principal Open Source Architect in the Open Source Group at Amazon, and previously was the Director of Open Source Engagement at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His experience includes working with and creating technology industry foundations, standards bodies, and conference organizing committees, usually because "it needs doing". He prefers to work behind the scenes. He describes his job as "learning amazing stuff and meeting amazing people, and then introducing them all to each other". His previous employment includes being the Open Source Advocate for Red Hat OpenShift, the Community Manager for Eucalyptus Systems, the Director of Community Development for Gear6 Memcached, and a Senior Technology Advisor for at Sun Microsystems. He is a coauthor of the OAuth Core specification, and is the co-owner of an industrial-art makerspace. When he is not traveling, he makes his home in Seattle.


Ian Bruene

Ian Bruene has been fascinated by computers since a very early age, eventually leading to a first generation iMac, and many more afterwards. He currently works as a utility gnome on ntpsec, and anything else that can be handled by a newbie. When not working on ICEI related projects he is likely toying with ideas for SciFi games, herding cats, or replaying Bioshock.

Executive Assistant to Hacker-in-Chief Susan Sons

Isaac Clausman

Isaac Clausman is a lifelong technology enthusiast, specializing in embedded systems, user experience, and virtual reality. With 18 years of experience in IT support, electronics repair, and managed services, he is a passionate generalist, willing to sink his teeth into anything with an operating system. Isaac’s interests in information security and internet infrastructure software led him to a role as ICEI Hacker-in-Chief Susan Sons’ right-hand man. In his spare time, Isaac enjoys gaming, 3d printing, and hardware hacking.


Julian Cromarty

Julian Cromarty has been an open-source advocate for about 13 years and is currently a senior developer at STS Payments Ltd. He likes to spend his downtime learning new things, listening to music far too loud, and watching old sci-fi movies with his kids.

Board Member

Owen DeLong

When he’s not hiding in the clouds in a small airplane, Owen DeLong is a Senior Network Architect at Akamai. He also occasionally provides IP-related consulting and training services to other organizations. Owen has been an IPv6 Evangelist and Director of Professional Services at Hurricane Electric, a Senior Backbone Engineer at Exodus Communication before working at Tellme Networks and Netli in both Network Engineering and Operations, a consultant (C2 Company), and Senior Operations Architect at Vusion, Inc. Owen has been an active participant in the address policy, network operations, and systems administration communities for more than 20 years. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was taking a devops approach to systems administration before the term devops had even been coined.

Volunteer Web Developer

Daniel Foerster

Daniel is a Python developer by day and an open-source contributor by night, with ICEI's current website among his many projects. In his spare time he listens to obscure classical composers while sating his Linux addiction and attempting to write poetry, prose, and music.

Secretary of the Board

Ash Kalb

Ash Kalb is the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Sentieo, an industry leading security-focused financial data and research platform. He's also a Co-Founder of White Ops, an innovative online security company focused on botnet mediated fraud.

As the owner of Singularity&Co., a Brooklyn-based digital publisher and New York City’s only science fiction book shop, he rescues out-of-print, vintage genre books and ebookifies them. He is a member of the boards of directors of Gemini, the world's first licensed bitcoin exchange, lighting hardware and software leader Symmetry Labs and the Internet Civil Engineering Institute, as well as an advisor to several other high growth technology companies.

Board Member

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark is a self-described nerd, web pioneer, philanthropist, and advocate of technology for the public good. He is the founder of craigslist, one of the world’s most-visited websites. He launched craigconnects in 2011, with a short term mission of using social media to promote philanthropy and public service, and a long term mission to “give a voice to the voiceless and real power to the powerless” by extending such technology worldwide.

Craig serves on the board of directors of the Center for Public Integrity, Sunlight Foundation, Consumer Reports, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and as a technology advisor to more than a dozen other non-profit organizations and government agencies. He also enjoys bird-watching, squirrel-watching, and science fiction.

Systems Administrator

Adam Nuwer

Adam Nuwer has worn many hats, from technical theatre to precision welding, auto diagnostics to building maintenance. Hobbies include adding simplicity to existing systems, designing electronic fuel injection implementations, metal fabrication, and proving that goth is in fact, not dead. Two decades of Linux use have given him a healthy desire to foster FOSS stewardship.


Mary Ramsey

Mary Ramsey’s most impressive quality is her ability to remain dedicated and cheery in the face of trying to get hackers to do their paperwork. Her unrelenting optimism almost outshines her 5 years of bookkeeping experience and soon-to-be-completed accounting degree. When Mary isn’t rocking a balance sheet or working magic on tax forms, she spends her time weightlifting, caring for a small army of furry pets, watching B horror flicks, and knitting amazing things.

Treasurer of the Board

Susan Ramsey

Susan had a 2400 baud modem in high school, before the Internet existed, and internalized the party line at Sun for 10 years, where "The Network is the Computer". She has worked in data center automation and scaling, endpoint management, Cloud, and IT Security, at Fortune 500 companies and startups. She has a Masters degree in Network Computing, working on a second Masters degree in Information Security Engineering, and is currently an IT Security Engineer at the National Center for Atmopheric Research.

President, Hacker-in-Chief

Susan Sons

Susan Sons took ICEI's reins from her predecessor, Eric Raymond, in 2016, after serving as ICEI's systems administrator. Susan's passion for open source dates back to 1990s IRC and USENET, where a loose association of open source software hackers provided her first experiences working on production software. Today, Susan serves as a Senior Systems Analyst at Indiana University's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, where she helps to secure science and research infrastructure, as well as computing infrastructure and critical software more broadly. Susan is also the Information Security Officer of Open Science Grid, the distributed fabric of high throughput computational services that connects researchers throughout North America and the world with the computational power to do cutting-edge science. Her passion for mentorship led her to found New Guard and write a number of resources for fellow hackers online and with publishers including Apress, O’Reilly, and Linux Journal.

Because all of that didn’t make her busy enough, Susan also practices martial arts, advises startups, volunteers as a search-and -rescue worker, and prepares her teenaged mini-hacker to be a properly disruptive influence on the world for years to come.

Board Member

Michael Tiffany

Before 9/11, Michael Tiffany started an ISP, and then helped to create the first commercial fiber-to-the-home network in the United States. After 9/11, Mr. Tiffany co-founded Mission Assurance Corporation, and spent the next 8 years delivering exotic capabilities in Big Data. He is co-founder and lifetime Research Fellow of a DARPA-funded security lab. He is a member of a shadowy transnational gang of party-throwing ninjas and is also the founder and CEO of a security startup called White Ops.

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Paul Vixie

Paul Vixie was responsible for BIND from 1989 to 1999, and is the author of a dozen or so IETF RFC documents about DNS. He also started the first anti-spam company (MAPS), and was the founder and later president of the first U.S.-based commercial Internet Exchange (PAIX). Today he serves as CEO of Farsight Security, home of the Security Information Exchange (SIE) and the world's leading Passive DNS database (DNSDB). He is also co-inventor of the DNS Response Rate Limiting (RRL) and Response Policy Zone (RPZ) feature-sets now in widening use. He received his Ph.D. from Keio University in 2011, and was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014.

Volunteer Project Manager

Uffe Wassmann

Project manager and software developer, Uffe goes where ever his inquisitive mind takes him, be it game development or kite photography, software-defined networks or guara navigation, leadership roles or the cleanest implementation of flat-file content management systems.

He still remembers what it was like to be able to write too fast for his modem to keep up - and thinks, when opening syndication-heavy browser tabs, that nothing much has changed.

Media Specialist

Jackie Wilson

Jackie is coming to the hacker world from a different direction. She is a professional student or as some would say a lifelong learner. Her interests include but are not limited to military and family history; productivity and planning; writing (reading anything!); and other areas too numerous to mention.


Keane Wolter

Keane Wolter is one of New Guard’s success stories. Coming from a very junior position in the programming world, Keane has nonetheless stood up and gotten his hands dirty with critical systems software such as NTPSec, and is learning the black art of software security reviews. Keane’s decade of Linux experience and passion for software development show through both in his work and his welcoming and supportive attitude toward newer New Guard contributors. When he is not writing code, Keane enjoys canoeing, ham radio, and playing with electronics.

Volunteer Developer

Keith Mendoza

Keith first encountered programming in the days of the caveman, when the OS lived in a 5 1/4 and was treated no different than any other program one used. As storage progressed to more reliable mediums, so did his knowledge of programming languages and techniques. Although, his perchance for playing with the pointer-arithmetic fire tends to leave those he works with slightly concerned. To supply food, shelter, and general creature comfort, for himself and his 4 spawns he has worked in various software development roles, in the In-flight entertainment, e-commerce, In-flight entertainment, fin-tech, and currently with a cybersecurity software provider. Outside of being a software developer, he's a father of 4, a private pilot, and is involved in various tech-related things at the church he attends.