The SNMP protocol is a widely used protocol to monitor and maintain routers, switches, computers, printers, and other devices such as UPS's. This protocol is not only used to monitor and manage devices connected within an organization's network, but also this protocol could go all the way up to Tier 1 ISPs. Net-SNMP ( is the reference implementation of SNMP, and is the most widely-used SNMP implementation. The reference implementation can run on most *nix-based OS's, and various processor architectures. Unfortunately, the project's development activity has slowed significantly; the latest release, 5.7.3, was released in December 2014. Coupled with issues within the existing RFCs this has lead to non-compliant SNMP implementations; or, worst, proprietary protocols that effectively replaces SNMP. This fragmentation of a standard monitoring and management protocol could lead to major issues down the road.

The main goal of the "Net-Snmp Rescue" project is to assure the longevity of the SNMP protocol and its reference implementation. By providing a robust and well-maintained implementation, we hope that relevant organizations will use an SNMP protocol implementation that adheres to the standard, allowing for better maintainability of the networks that have now become an integral part of our world. Our goals are to make the current code base more readable; reduce the number of open bugs; improve performance; increase maintainability; and produce documentation for future users and developers.

Technology and Standards

Programming languages: C, Perl, Python Protocol: SNMP protocol as defined by various RFC standards

Immediate openings

Testers: This is highest priority at the moment! We need people testing 5.8pre2 ( on as many systems, networking environments, and different SNMP implementations, as possible. The Net-SNMP core dev team is planning on releasing 5.8 in 2 months. Let’s help 5.8.0 be the 1st ever release in Net-SNMP history that will never need a patch release.

Expectations are simple: if you can run and compile Net-SNMP 5.8pre2, we want you. If you understand the buzzwords in the 5.8pre2 announcement above, we want you. Bonus points if you write test scripts for your test; although at this point step-by-step instructions will be accepted. Your work now will most likely be needed in the future. Contact the project manager (see below) if you’re interested in helping out.

Other openings Document writers: The Net-SNMP protocol is composed of some 20 RFCs. We need someone to document how all these RFCs come together, among other things, for future SNMP implementers. Developers: The core dev team want to get rid of the “#ifdef hell” going on in the codebase. If you know C, and want to learn how to untangle a pot of spaghetti code now is your chance.

State of things

All parties agree that things need to move a whole lot faster A future release is in the works The core team plans to move out of SourceForge

More information

List of RFCs related to the SNMP protocol: Repo: